ST605 [1976 - 1978]

The ST605 (March 1976) and slightly later ST705 were companion models; where the former was less well specified than the latter. Unlike Fuji's innovative early 70s offerings, these cameras simply attempted to provide a specification equal to that of most of the company's competitors.


While the ST605 and ST705 were new designs, the ST605 functionally repackage the ST601. Like its predecessor, the ST605 had a cloth focal plane shutter with a comparatively limited range, and an unconventional top speed of 1/700th. Centre-the- needle metering was still the stop down variety, with a switch on the front of the body that activated the meter and stopped-down the lens.


The ST605 was lighter and more compact than the ST601, but the main improvement was upgraded meter circuitry, which allowed the system to be powered by nickel/zinc or silver oxide batteries.


According to advertisements in a 1979 edition of Amateur Photographer, the camera sold with a new plastic version of the ST601's f2.2 55mm lens for around £110 (more details on the lens can be found on the Fujinon lenses page). The ST605 and its successors came in a chrome finish only.


ST605n [1978 - 1980#]

The "n" was an upgraded version of the ST605, with the only apparent change being the addition of a shutter speed display in the viewfinder, courtesy of a needle pointer linked to the speed dial on the top plate.


Fujifilm's Japanese corporate website says nothing about the ST605n, leading me to assume that the model was made for export only.


(#) I have assumed that production ceased in about 1980, since this is when Fuji abandoned the M42 lens mount, and launched the STX range of cameras.


In September 1978, Dixons offered the ST605n with the f/2.2 lens for £109, and it seems to have sold very well ... judging by how commonly they can be found second hand in the here and now.


I paid £2.70 for my camera (body only) in May 2014. These were the days when you almost couldn't give away a 605. It's in lovely condition and fully working.


ST605 II [1978 - 1980]

The Fujica ST605 II was one of the last Fuji cameras to use the M42 derived screw lens mount, and an odd hybrid of two other models.


It's very rare (in Europe/USA) and a (Globally) mysterious camera with a mere handful of references to be found on the Internet. Some of these provide inaccurate information.

The ST605 II was a cross between the ST605n  and the ST705w (except for the the motor drive connectivity which the ST605 II lacked).

Briefly, the shutter, with its 1/700th top speed, heralds from the ST605n, while the open aperture metering system derives from the ST705w.


Despite the camera's capability to meter at full aperture, it was supplied with a Fujinon 55mm f/2.2 lens, associated with the ST605/(n), which may have also led to commentators' apparent confusion as to the model's metering capabilities.


The "History of Fujifilm" on the Japanese corporate website says they made an open metering system in July 1978, which was nicknamed the Fujica Mark II (as can be seen on the cover of the instruction manual). The model was reportedly designed to offer economy and performance, while being aimed at "new young people including junior high and high school students". This statement of a very specific buyer demographic, coupled with the low numbers of surviving examples (in the western world), leads me to suspect  the model was not made for export.


I have been unable to locate an on-line copy of the instruction manual for this model ... although if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to read the contents.

The images below are my ST605n with the second version of the f/2.2 55mm lens. I haven't included a photo of the ST605 because it looks exactly the same.

fujica st605n
fujica st605n
fujica st605n

The ST605 II doesn't look much different to the other "05" models, so here's a graphic highlighting which bits came from each of the other cameras.

fujica st605 ii

Here's a Internet image of the ST605 Mark II.

fujica st605 II