The following is a list of missing cameras, documents and information. Please don't get the wrong idea - I am not an obsessive who is willing to pay a king's ransom for this stuff - it would just be very nice to hear from anyone kind (and knowledgeable) enough to fill-in a few of the blanks.

Cameras wanted

  • Gen 35

  • Milo 35

  • Ward 35

  • Early Beauty Super 35 (no chance!)

  • Beauty Super 35 with Synchro-Compur shutter

  • Beauty Super 35 with Copal MX shutter

  • Beauty Super 35 with Copal MX shutter - transitional model.

  • Beauty Canter 35 with release catch on rewind knob

  • Beauty Super II with f/1.9 lens

  • Lens caps for the 35 and Super 35

Missing instruction manuals

  • Beauty 35

  • Beauty Super 35

  • Beauty Lightmatic SP

  • Gen 35

Information wanted

  • A copy of page 104 of "the History of the Japanese Camera" - Gordon Lewis.

  • Any insights on the Super II pressure plate date stamp story.

  • Any insights on the Lightomatic II parallax correction issue, as detailed at Lightomatic II repair - an explanation of the viewfinder optics.

  • Dealer or distributer advertising literature - in any language.


  • I have some Lightomatic II parts available. Email me with details of what you need.

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